3 Time-Consuming Tasks Lawyers Can Outsource

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3 Time-Consuming Tasks Lawyers Can Outsource

Hiring Headaches

Many law firms know that they could use help with administrative tasks, but many have a hard time figuring out how to delegate tasks to the right people. It is easy to get bogged down thinking about how to reach out for legal receptionist help: Do I have the time to do the hiring, training and retaining of my legal operations process myself? If you know what your legal expertise is and want to stick to it, you can incorporate those wants into your legal operations process by fielding only the calls you want to your phone.

What You Can Trust To Let Go

  • Appointment Scheduling: Freeing your professional staff from the hassle of scheduling appointments or other receptionist tasks keep them focused on legal tasks.
  • Lead Generation Inquiries: They can come through the phone, email response, or even web chat. Fielding all communication while you are in meetings or attending a court session will give you the peace of mind to focus on what’s already in front of you.
  • Overflow Handling: If you recently ran a TV or radio advertisement, you will want to get help in handling those bursts of inquiries.

Vendor management can be a tough discipline, but with the right resources in place, you can focus on other parts of the legal ecosystem.

Finding Cost-Effective Help

With 29 years of experience in legal services, Westpark Communications has a full suite of services that are custom tailored to the needs of solo-practitioner lawyers and law firms. While there are many options out there in finding receptionist assistance, you will want to find a company that is proven to be a trustworthy and reliable business partner. Learn more about our services today.




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