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Many people believe the American answering service is a relic of an earlier time. After all, the world is now in the era of voicemail. And if voicemail isn’t quite enough to keep customers satisfied, there are always inexpensive foreign call centers that some deem to be “good enough.” Some businesses even believe it is okay to send customers to a contact form or an e-mail.

But person-to-person contact with a trustworthy American answering service has a big impact on a customer’s willingness to continue doing business with any company, particularly mid-size or large businesses.

More customers expect 24/7 availability and instant response times.

Voicemail isn’t enough. Customers want someone who can solve problems for them anytime, day or night. In fact, the call center experience is the single biggest driver in whether a customer stays with the company in the future. This isn’t something most companies should feel comfortable leaving to an impersonal technology.

Foreign call centers have a significant, negative impact on customer loyalty.

Even when companies admit they need call center solutions, they often get it wrong by trusting their customers to overseas operations.

However, an Echo Strategies white paper called Outsourcing Customer Service reports the following:

  • “Offshore contact centers score far below their domestic counterparts in terms of customer satisfaction, even if issues were resolved on the first call.”
  • “Customers who believe they are dealing with an offshore contact center are more than twice as likely to sever relations with the company.”

It is not that foreign services are bad or that they can’t be trained to deliver proper telephone customer support solutions. There are much more complex issues at play here. First, language barriers can make it difficult for agents to understand what customers actually need. Second, U.S. customers are keenly aware that every job in this country is precious. A company that chooses an overseas contact center may come across as callous and untrustworthy—willing to sacrifice good service and the livelihood of fellow Americans to “save a few bucks.” These kinds of image problems matter in an economy where reputation is one of the single biggest drivers of revenue.

Outsourcing to an American answering service is a better way to save money.

Businesses often launch overseas contact facilities as an alternative to opening a 24/7 in-house customer support center. However, there are alternatives. Westpark Communications is an American answering service that allows companies to reap the benefits of a fully-staffed, bilingual, 24/7 contact facility without forcing businesses to hire dozens of new employees or purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional technology. Agents are trained to seamlessly meet the needs of the client’s business so efficiently that customers never realize they are being handled by anyone other than the company itself.

Westpark agents can handle as many or as few of the details of a business as the client prefers, including taking orders, screening leads, processing payments, and untangling complex billing snarls. Speak to one of their representatives today about outsourcing your call center needs to a trustworthy American answering service.

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