The Importance Of A Professional Answering Service

A professional answering service can make a massive difference for a company, affording it the opportunity to make a perfect first impression. Companies that keep their communications completely in-house often rely on a handful of people to do the job, and that means more overhead, more personnel, more organization, and more hassle, in general. And when businesses go this route, they often don’t consider how its customer reps are performing. Are they handling customers politely, or are they distracted? Can they answer the most common questions, or do they put customers on hold over and over? Are they able to perform when a customer is frustrated, or do they escalate the situation? Can a company dedicate resources to verify its reps’ performance, or would those resources be better spent with a communications expert?

In most cases, a communications expert will not only provide a compelling return on investment, it will also build customer confidence and reputation. And in some industries, reputation can be the most valuable resource of all.

How can a professional answering service improve a business’s trustworthiness?

Companies are constantly striving to better their reputation, as it almost always means additional clientele. Reputation is especially important for individual professionals that have to sell themselves to the customer, like lawyers. However, every business needs to make a strong initial impression, or they risk losing potential customers.

A professional answering service is designed to provide that impression, and convert potential customers and clients into repeat clientele. It starts by picking up the phone within the first couple rings and approaching the person on the other end with a clear, professional tone. A communications expert screens its representatives for their demeanor and phone etiquette, so businesses don’t have to worry about how their representatives are affecting their reputation. And a communications partner will work with the company to generate custom scripts and reference documentation so that a representative can answer any question they are asked. Altogether, this helps reps provide a standardized experience for the customer, so if they call back in the future, they can expect the same excellent assistance.

There are a lot of customers that businesses are missing out on if they only pick up the phone during normal business hours. A professional answering service will be there 24/7, and will be there even during holidays. If a company relies on in-house staff to communicate to customers, they have to deal with staff scheduling and periods where there may be no one to pick up the phone. That is never a problem with a communications partner, as there will always be a representative to greet the customer, whether they call on Thanksgiving or at 3 a.m. on a Saturday. Life doesn’t stop after 5 p.m., and neither should a business if it wants a competitive advantage.

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