Automated Communications Services Can Free Up Personnel

A well-organized automated communications service can free up company personnel for other tasks, and ensure every customer is able to leave a message and quickly contact a company representative. Although most businesses at least maintain a basic voicemail account, many people will look for an alternative if forced to leave a message with no feedback. Going this route suggests to the customer that the company doesn’t care enough about their business to make accommodations for them. The bare minimum is not going to cut it in most competitive industries. If a customer is met with a friendly greeting, though, and given several options to connect with the right representative, it will generate a much more favorable response. An experienced call center can provide just that.

Why should a business consider an automated communications service?

Even with a small business, there are usually several people responsible for responding to potential customers and helping them with questions. Company owners will soon realize that the faster a customer is directed to the right expert, the more productive the business will be. The best way to set this up is with an option tree that customers can navigate through. This is especially helpful when a business is using automated payment processing as well, as no one has to dedicate time to taking down financial information. SmartComm technology is a popular option for phone navigation trees, easily directing people to representatives, mailboxes, or other functions if need be. The welcome message can be changed depending on the time of day or day of the year, and if a company wishes, they can provide an option for people with emergencies, fast tracking their call directly to an on-call representative.

An automated communications service can be used internally as well, particularly as an employee tracking system. Every employee is given a unique ID number that they use to access the system. All they do is call the system, input their number and the system logs the time and location. It’s useful even if a business just wants to substitute their manual check-in system with it. It will eliminate waste and is impossible to fool. However, it really shines for businesses that needs to assign their employees new work locations on a regular basis. A database can be tied to the system, and when it’s time, an assigned time and location can be tied to a particular worker’s ID number. When that employee calls to check in, they are informed of their assignment so they can get to it right away, without waiting for a manager to direct them.

Finally, interactive voice response (IVR) technology can be used with an automated communications service, allowing a caller to perform a desired function with nothing but a spoken word. Many businesses prefer to pair IVR with an option for a company representative, and this has proven to be effective for most companies.

If a customer calls and they are met right away with an automated communications service, they know they are dealing with a business that takes professionalism seriously. That is something every company should strive for.

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