The Benefits Of A Domestic Call Center

A domestic call center can do a lot of things for a company, but most importantly, it provides the ideal initial point of contact for customers. For years, businesses have raced to the bottom when it comes to communicating with their customers. They outsource their phone representatives and aren’t willing to have a real conversation and respond to client concerns. This might seem like a good idea in the short run, but people know when a business is cutting corners, and when those cut corners include communications, it will eventually hurt the business.

That’s why more and more companies are moving their communications back to the U.S., and finding that their customer service ratings are improving greatly in the transition. This is the kind of positive impact a communications partner can have.

What are the benefits of choosing a domestic call center over an outsourced solution?

The truth is, no matter how much training an outsourced customer service representative receives, they can’t mimic the connection a native English speaker can provide. The difference between a decent English speaker and a native speaker is quite noticeable, especially among frustrated customers who want answers. They don’t have the energy or inclination to repeat themselves, nor do they want to navigate through a conversation where they can’t understand the representative.

Also, outsourced representatives are typically given a strict script from which they cannot deviate. This is meant to help the representative and customer interact better, but it often only frustrates the customer further. If the customer asks advanced questions or needs involved help in a certain area, the representative will just have to repeat the script, and may not even know where to direct the customer for additional assistance.

Unsurprisingly, companies that have relied on outsourced solutions regularly put up with terrible customer satisfaction scores. In fact, while 80 percent of companies believe (or at least falsely claim) they offer superior service, only eight percent do so, according to their customers. In short, businesses vastly underestimate how perceptive their customers are. Customers know when a business is saving a buck at their expense.

It’s a situation that no company should settle for, and a domestic call center can turn that perception around. A communications partner maintains a staff of highly trained, articulate representatives that are available around the clock. Each one is capable of responding quickly to customer requests and providing in-depth details of any product or service that the company offers. This is particularly helpful for companies that deal in complex products, like insurance policies or pharmaceuticals.

A domestic call center doesn’t need a script, and can perform more advanced services, like setting appointments or providing technical support. That is what customers expect when they phone into a business, and if a company wants to be considered among the elite service providers, they will need to start with their service representatives.

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