A Good Advanced Call Center Will Solve 3 Problems

An advanced call center helps companies stay competitive by solving communication problems that cause serious sales and customer service issues. Few companies can get by with simple phone setups in today’s hypercompetitive environment. Customers are busier than ever before, and as a result they can be impatient, so businesses must figure out how to accomplish more with less.

A good advanced call center setup will solve three core problems.

Problem: Ineffective Distribution

Older phone systems sometimes leave some agents busy, while other agents sit idle. This is especially true when there are multiple offices in multiple time zones or locations. Simple systems will route those calls on a first-come, first-serve basis and will only route them within the office that received them. Overly busy agents may be less-effective or unable to adequately meet customer demands. Meanwhile, idle agents collect paychecks but are unable to return that value to the company.

Solution: Smarter Routing

An advanced call center offers a smarter system capable of redistributing and rerouting calls so that all agents in all offices are taking roughly the same number of inquiries throughout the day. As a result, customers don’t get backed up in the queue and every employee is able to continue providing value to the company.

Problem: Slow Response Times and Multiple Transfers

It’s no secret that customers can get extremely frustrated with slow response times. This frustration can cause customers to switch to another company or service provider. Customers also grow annoyed when they must deal with multiple transfers. Angry customers who can’t obtain a resolution may also turn to online forums to gain satisfaction, thereby potentially threatening a company’s online reputation.

Solution: Sending Customers to the Right Agents at the Right Time

More sophisticated routing systems do a better job of delivering a great customer experience. For example, inquiries may be routed to the agent who has been idle the longest, but they may also be routed to agents with a specific list of specialties and skills. This means customers get the agent who is most likely to help them the first time, and they get there fast.

Problem: Insufficient Communication Channels

Customers expect to interact with customer service and sales teams in a variety of ways, not just by phone. It is necessary to integrate chat, email, and even social media support tickets into the overall infrastructure.

Solution: A System Capable of Integrating Multiple Channels

Better centers can handle routing these additional forms of communication so customers are served and interactions are tracked. This means that customers can approach a business in any way that is convenient for them.

Advanced Call Center technology offsite

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