How A Call Center Benefits Personal Injury Lawyer’s Practice’s

A personal injury lawyer, and especially one practicing in a major metropolitan city, may handle hundreds of clients each year. Those are screened clients as well, so attorneys are constantly deluged with calls from prospective clients. These calls can take a great deal of time to work through, and require someone with knowledge of the firm to manage properly. A legal receptionist is the typical solution, but there are problems with relying on one or two people to manage all communications. Sick days and holidays mean no one is manning the phones, and a receptionist can only handle so many prospective clients in a single day. For a busy firm, this is just not enough, and why more and more attorneys are switching over to a dedicated answering service.

What exactly can a communications partner do for a personal injury lawyer?

The primary responsibility for a legal customer representative is assessing and screening prospective clients. When people contact an attorney, they normally have personal concerns that merit sensitivity and professionalism. Nothing will chase away prospective clients faster than unsympathetic and unprofessional representatives. A communications partner trains each of its representatives up and enforces strong etiquette every time, so the first impression will always be positive. And for those days where it seems the phone never stops, a communications partner can dedicate as many representatives as necessary to the firm, ensuring everyone is addressed within seconds, not minutes.

This is particularly helpful for a personal injury lawyer, as every client’s case is different and will require a lot of time to sift through. A communications partner can screen every prospective client, pull out the essential details and determine whether or not it’s a priority call for the attorney to take. If needed, a representative can direct the call to the appropriate attorney and keep the firm organized. This is normally best for firms that have multiple partners and a lot of clients to address.

Following screening, a representative can set up an appointment for a personal injury lawyer, speeding up the consultation process and ensuring the client goes forward with their claim. An attorney’s schedule is constantly filling up, so it’s generally a good idea for an attorney to maintain a backend that keeps their appointments and events organized. Some firms have this established already, but many do not. Those that don’t can work with a communications partner to set up such a system and customize it as they see fit.

Finally, if an attorney needs to automate any part of the process or wants to be notified immediately when an important client calls the firm, a communications partner can build the infrastructure and better connect with the attorney.

A communications partner adds a new dimension to a legal firm, giving them greater capabilities, and streamlining the way it brings in additional clients.

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