Live Answer vs. Voicemail: How to Win The Battle

Why is it called “Voicemail-Jail”? Don’t trust your incoming sales calls to “press 1”. People buy from people. When voicemail is used improperly in the sales environment it can cost you business. You can never recreate the first impression. When a potential customer calls and gets a voicemail:

  • One out of three callers hang up with voice mail
  • Small businesses lose an average of 14 calls a week
  • Lost calls equal lost business
  • Callers are 8 times more likely to leave call-back information with a live person

The solution is definitely live-answer for sales.

What about customer service? Interacting with an IVR that does not understand when you press “0”; “I’m sorry I do not understand that command; please say or press 1”

Give your customers the pleasant, memorable experience of a live consultant who can listen, interpret and direct the call as the caller wishes. Make your company attractive to buyers with a sales process that kicks down obstacles. You can make your company the hero!

So, what can Westpark Communications do for YOU:

  • Provide the live, pleasant person your customers want and keep track of sales calls so you don’t miss a one
  • Answer whatever FAQ you want your clients to know
  • Provide ROI cost of less than 90% of a full-time employee while providing 24x7x365
  • Open and track trouble tickets for customer service
  • Dispatch your personnel
  • Interface with your web or proprietary tracking system

Contact us now. We want to help you improve your sales process.

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