One Simple Way You Can Optimize Your eCommerce Website

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One Simple Way You Can Optimize Your eCommerce Website

The Easy Add-on Feature That Works On Your Behalf

More than ever, e-commerce sites are capitalizing on visits to their websites by having a live web chat feature that helps them stay engaged with potential clients. How much business could you be losing from website visitors?

Who is Paying Attention To Your Website

Forbes says 56% of your digital efforts will come from your website¹. That means the chances of getting people to buy from your website are pretty high! However, 79% of buyers reported wanting a more personalized experience when they are shopping.²

Web Chat is Personable

Live chats are proven to give your website visitors the chance to interact with your brand and get their questions answered saving you time and money all while making your customer’s shopping experience more personable.

It’s Easy and Can Help Gain Passive Income

Adding a web chat feature to your eCommerce website allows you to use fewer resources to gain more buyers. Westpark Communications specializes in customizing live web chat features to match your business website and can even nurture those new leads for you. Learn more about our services.


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