"I have been a happy customer with Westpark Communications from day one. The service is top-quality, my account manager is quick to respond and very helpful, and I even still get to call my original sales guy if I have questions! That is so impossibly cool, in my opinion. In addition, the call center staff is just flawless. We're proud to know that our callers are greeted with this quality of service. "

Tuvi Ideh, Genie Concierge Company
Why Westpark

Our call centers, agents, and data centers are based right here in the United States.


Our plans come with no long term contracts, and can be customized for your business.


We utilize advanced automated infrastructure to ensure your data is kept safe.


Live service representatives are available 24/7/365, including all major holidays.


Customized rates and service plans allow you to scale up or down at any time.


We've provided solutions for Fortune 100 companies & solo entrepreneurs since 1968.

Our Services

Live Answering Call Center

Our live answer agents will take and relay messages for your business via phone, email, web chat, or fax. They will transfer your calls to the right person and take messages while the office is closed or while you are away.

We are staffed with bilingual agents with English as their primary language. In addition, we have access to over 100 languages for multilingual support.

Westpark will take your calls with 24/7 availability including weekend coverage. Our generous hours include holidays, after hours, overnight, and help with phone call overflow.

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Full-Service Customer Support

If you need for us to do more than to take and relay messages for your organization, we offer a full-service customer support call center that is customized to fit your company brand.

With this option, our live answer agents will also answer inbound and outbound calls, perform tasks such as order entry, employee check-ins, and will prevent routine calls from being escalated to you. They will schedule and update customer information in your calendar, CRM, or scheduling platform in real-time.

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Live Web Chat

Marketing & Sales Support

FAQ Support

Tier 1 Technical Support

Customizable Reports & Self-Service Web Portal


Our customer support live answer agents interact with a script-prompted system allowing you to create simple or complex scripts for them to follow.

If you need more than a simple interaction then we offer script-branching, which provides different branches for each decision point during a live answer interaction between your customers and our agents.

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Live Web Chat

Script-branching can also extend to online consumers who are viewing your services on your company website with live web chat.

We custom build a live web chat feature that is script-prompted to interact with visitors on your website in the same way we may interact with callers.

Script-prompting gives you, the business owner, more control over how we interact with your customers and even potential customers.

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Marketing & Sales Support

Our full-service customer support department also includes Marketing and Sales, where we qualify your leads and set them up for appointments when they meet your predetermined criteria.

If you have an important event coming up and want to notify your potential audience, our Customer Support live answer agents will be at work to turn registrations into reservations.

By offering marketing & sales support as part of our full-service customer support, we will ease the influx of phone calls that you receive and make sure that you never miss a call from a lead while away.

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FAQ Support

While an influx of phone calls can be a good thing for marketing and sales, an organization may use up a lot of resources trying to answer frequently asked questions.

Common questions and routine inquiries can tie up your phone lines, flood your inbox with emails, and use up a lot of your employee’s time.

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Tier 1 Technical Support

Part of avoiding calls that do not need to be escalated to your company’s teams include tasks such as resetting passwords, basic troubleshooting, trouble ticketing, and dispatching field technicians.

We are able to remotely connect to your systems in order to resolve basic technical issues.

By having our agents answer frequently asked questions, respond to routine inquiries, and act as a Tier 1 Technical Support call center, we are able to free up your time and resources while helping your organization save money.

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Customizable Reports & Self-Service Web Portal

Our reporting system allows you to see caller and message information and schedule reports to keep you periodically informed of our performance.

Our self-service web portal gives you access to view call statistics, get information in real-time, and allow you to manage account contacts and on-call schedules.

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Who We Are

More than an answering service

With services ranging from 24/7 Live Answer to Interactive Voice Response, Westpark is a full-service communications partner that keeps your office accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A trusted communications partner

Since 1968, Westpark has been a trusted resource serving a wide variety of organizations. Our mission is to be worldwide experts in the flow of communications between our partners and their customers.

Supporting leading organizations

From the energy industry to healthcare professionals, we provide communication solutions for a wide variety of commercial organizations, governmental entities and not-for-profit groups.

Live agents are standing by to answer your questions.

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