Call Center Solutions

What Can Our Call Center Solutions Do?

If you need for us to do more than to take and relay messages for your organization, we offer a full-service call center with customer support that is customized to fit your company brand.

With this option, our live answer agents will also answer inbound and outbound calls, perform tasks such as taking orders, employee check-ins, and will prevent routine calls from being escalated to you. They will schedule and update customer information on your calendar, CRM, or scheduling platform in real-time.

Why Choose Westpark’s Call Center Solutions?

Any business that regularly interacts with customers can benefit from call center solutions, and the truth is, every company can use a little more efficiency. As soon as someone picks up the phone, they are representing the business and building its reputation, for better or worse. Clearly, a business owner would like to strengthen their brand and service record in any way possible, but many overlook the potential that a communications partner brings to the business. With an intelligently designed system, it is possible to adapt communication services to the business’s practices, ensuring a seamless progression from the first contact to subsequent interactions with the customer.

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How Can Our Call Center Provide Usable Solutions for Your Company?

Most businesses, but particularly those in the legal, medical, retail, or energy industries, need to tighten up their communications in one or more areas. Perhaps it’s adding a more human touch, speeding up the process, screening customers more effectively, or just being more comprehensive with information taking. No matter what a business’s needs are, a communications partner can solve the issue.

For example, a personal injury attorney is constantly interacting with clients, and new clients are looking for help all the time. But these people often need help immediately and don’t want to explain themselves to voicemail. Having a person pick up the phone right away and listen to their concerns will greatly improve a potential client’s experience. That same attorney, though, may want to talk directly to a certain type of client immediately, and that’s something that a communications partner can adapt to. With precise screening options, customers are always directed to the right professional or department, and this will save a great deal of time, and frustration.

Maybe a retail center needs to take an order over the phone. A call center can provide solutions here as well, either by funneling the customer to the right department or by taking the customer’s order and their information without getting the business involved. A communications partner can deliver this data to the company in any way the company sees fit, but if the business prefers an organized, highly-responsive method, a backend system can be set up to facilitate the entire process. A communications partner can even work with an existing database or backend system to ensure a reliable transfer of information, from the customer to the person in charge of executing the order.

Bilingual customer care specialists, emergency backup communications, e-mail and web chat capabilities, 24-hour answering, scheduling, messaging, and even IVR technology are all standard call center solutions that a reputable communications partner will provide. But above all else, a top communications partner will answer every call and do so in the most professional and courteous way possible, answering all questions and guiding the process so that customers walk away respecting the business and its brand.

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