Finding A Call Center For Lawyers

Legal professionals may consider it a matter of course to have a legal receptionist on staff to handle communications, but a call center designed with lawyers in mind can provide a much more effective means of interacting with potential clients. Attorneys are in the communications business. They have to be empathetic and sensitive to their clients, assertive to other attorneys, and articulate in the courtroom. If anyone understands the importance of strong communication skills, it is legal professionals. It’s odd, then, that so many rely on a single person and inefficient communication methods to make that critical first impression.

What can a call center do for lawyers?

A receptionist works during business hours, and can handle a single call at a time. If the firm doesn’t have an established backend in place for storing data, then the attorney is relying on the receptionist to communicate with potential clients, screen them, take messages, and add items to the professional’s schedule. This is often done through unreliable means, as the receptionist will have little on hand to guide them through the process. This may result in missed meetings and client opportunities, and distracted communication that leaves a troubling first impression. What’s worse, many potential clients are shunted to a cold, monotone voicemail that catches what the receptionist can’t get to.

There is a better way to handle such an important part of the business. A call center designed for lawyers is available around the clock, every day of the year, including holidays and weekends. Every time someone contacts the firm, they will receive a prompt answer from a communications specialist who is trained in the firm’s practices. When someone contacts a legal firm, they are usually in a vulnerable, even desperate position. The last thing they want to do is explain their personal details to a machine. A communications specialist ensures they don’t have to.

A call center organized for lawyers can also screen potential clients and gather all of the important information, saving the firm a great deal of time. Multiple people can be handled at once, as well, so even if the screening process runs long with one potential client, it won’t affect the firm.

These aren’t one size fits all solutions either. A communications partner will adapt its methods to the firm, organizing every call so that it meets all of the firm’s requirements. Perhaps a firm wants a certain question to be asked every time. Maybe the firm wants to direct clients to particular attorneys. Perhaps the firm wants every communications specialist to have reference documentation on hand to better answer a client’s questions. No matter what the firm’s needs are, a call center designed for lawyers will be able to readily adapt.

A common problem among legal firms is their lack of organization on the backend. Legal firms need to keep a firm handle on client information, scheduling, and other data, and an experienced communications partner can help design and implement that backend for the firm. With it, attorneys will never have to worry about losing information on a client or missing an important meeting.

Attorneys know how to give their clients peace of mind, but attorneys need it too in order to do their job. Fortunately, that’s what a communications partner excels at.

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